श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते - 33

गान्धर्वेण विवाहेन बह्वयो राजर्षिकन्यकाः ।
श्रूयन्ते परिणीतास्ताः पितृभिश्चाभिनन्दिताः ।। (3, 20)

The above sloka is from the third act of Abhignaana sAkuntalam of maha kavi kAlidAsa.

The context here is: Sakuntala is afflicted by love towards Dushyanta and at the same time she has the fear for elders. Dushyanta says the following words to her- “It is heard that the daughters of royal sages are married under the gAndharva form of marriage and they have also been approved by their fathers”.

बह्वयो –Many ; राजर्षिकन्यकाः – daughters of royal sages , परिणीताः – married under the , गान्धर्वेण- Gandharva form of, विवाहेन – marriage, श्रूयन्ते – heard. च – and , ताः – They are, अभिनन्दिताः – accepted , पितृभिः – by the fathers.

GAndharva is one of the eight forms of marriage recognized by the Hindu Law.

ब्राह्मो दैवस्तथैवार्षः प्राजापत्यस्तथासुरः ।
गान्धर्वो राक्षसश्चैव पैशाचश्चाष्टमोऽधमः ।।

Among these the voluntary union of the maiden and her lover is said to be the GAndharva form of marriage.

इच्छया अन्योन्यसंयोगः कन्यायश्च वरस्य च गान्धर्वः स तु विज्ञेयो ।

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