तरङ्गफेनभ्रमबुद्बुदादि सर्वं स्वरूपेण जलं यथा तथा ।

चिदेव देहाद्यहमन्तमेतत् सर्वं चिदेवैकरसं विशुद्धम् ॥ (विवेकचूडामणि- 390 )

taraìgaphenabhramabudbudädi sarvam svaroopeëa jalam yathä tathä

cideva dehädyahamantametat sarvam cidevaikarasam viçuddham

Wave, foam, bubbles- all these are nothing but water in reality. So this body and all are nothing but consciousness- the one pure consciousness.

It is only the pure consciousness that appears in different forms


  1. Ramesh Abhiraman said...
    The sloka you have chosen from Vivekachudamani, a profound work, has the poetic onomatopoeia in the word for bubbles. There is also nice alliteration in the other "padas" of the upajati vritta. The taranga or wave, reminds me of the same Sankara's shatpadee stotram
    "Satyapi bhedApagamE nAtha tavAham na mAmakIyastvam/ sAmudro hi taranga: kvacana samudro na tAranga://"
    P.R.Gayathri said...
    welcome to our blog sir and thanks for sharing your views as well.
    Ramesh Abhiraman said...
    While re-reading Bhartrhari's Vairagyasataka, I encountered the word budbuda, as above. The verse has nice prasa, or alliteration; I share it below with a translation from the '71 book by Advaita Asrama.

    Moham mArjaya tAmupArjaya ratim candrArdhacoodAmaNau / ceta: svarga tarangiNI taTa bhuvAm Asangam angIkuru | ko vA vIciShu budbudeShu ca tadil-leKhAsu ca srIShu ca / jvAlAgrEShu ca pannagEShu ca suhrud-vEgEShu ca pratyaya: ||
    Clear off delusion and earn devotion to Him whose crown is be-gemmed with the crescent. O heart, accept attachment to some spot on the banks of the celestial river (Ganges). what reliability is there on waves or bubbles, flashes of lightning or (smiles of) fortune, in tongues of flame, or hosts of friends?

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