वैराग्यपञ्चकम् - प्रस्तावः

Vairagyapanchakam is a small set of 5 verses written by Sri Vedanta Desika. An attempt has been made to explain these verses over the next few weeks.

Sri Vedanta Desika lived in Kanchipuram. Seeing his poverty, his childhood friend and a great advaitic scholar Sri Vidyaranya invited him to Vijaya nagara empire where he was a scholar honored by the royalty. But Sri Desika denied the offer as he was not interested in materialistic pleasure or riches. He thought it was better to praise the Omnipresent and Omniscient God than a mortal king.

Sri Desika replied to his friend Vidyaranya in 5 verses why he preferred the wealth of bhakti to perishable riches of kings.

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