Saastram speaks -29

संतुष्टो भार्यया भर्ता भर्त्रा भार्या तथैव च ।

यस्मिन्नेव कुले नित्यं कल्याणं तत्र वै ध्रुवम् ॥

Happiness is ever lasting in that family, where the husband is pleased with his wife and the wife with her husband.

भर्ता – The Husband, संतुष्टो – happy , भार्यया- by the wife, तथैव च -Likewise ,भार्या- Wife, (संतुष्टो) भर्त्रा-by the husband , यस्मिन्नेव कुले – in which family, तत्र-there, नित्यं वै ध्रुवम् – always indeed, कल्याणं-prosperity or happiness,


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